Construction is not just a brick-and-mortar business, it is first a people business.

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Safety in the home, safety at play, safety on the roads, safety in the workplace, safety anywhere and everywhere. But is safety per se enough or is there more? This was the question we asked ourselves and it aroused out interest in creating and marketing protective items, which enhanced whilst protecting
Itco group establishes, implements and promotes the Integrated Management System in conformance and consistent with the ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 standards and applicable statutory...
Itco group has, over the years, accumulated a large complement of heavy equipment, which enables it to pursue vertical and other construction projects simultaneously.
  That construction is a noble profession and that its activities are vital to economic development and national progress;...that fair compensation is essential to the growth and stability of the construction industry.
  For Trading, Contracting, Construction, Safety Products, Information Technology, Freight forwarding & Shipping logistics, Training Academics, ISO Certification body.  
Procure and construct 1800 Sq.m. 2 storey villas, Located in AL-Khobar by, Mr.Abdulaziz Al-Moaibed. Procure and construct 3 storey commercial center in Al-Khobar by Abu Jadayal.
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